Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee

PT/ MPT – Physical Therapist/ Master of Physical Therapy

Eugene Lee is a chronic back pain specialist at Two Trees Physical Therapy & Wellness.

Eugene Lee graduated from Loma Linda University in 1996. Early in his internships Eugene gravitated towards orthopedic sports physical therapy.

He has been specializing in Orthopedic PT for the past 17 years.

Prior to joining Two Trees PT, he opened his own practice in 2001 and successfully ran a private practice for 11 years before selling it. He recently completed a 6 month continuing education course in orthopedic assessment and treatment which is part of the core curriculum of the Kaiser PT residency program.

Eugene’s treatment philosophies are to return the patient to health by assessing and treating the pathology as a movement dysfunction, strength/power deficiency, nerve involvement, joint restriction or a combination of the above. With the patient’s compliance to the prescribed HEP, and Eugene’s treatment program his success rate of achieving the patient’s goals are very high.