Margarida Larson, PT, DPT

Margarida Larson


Margarida Larson graduated in January 2019 from MGH Institute of Health Professions with clinical excellency distinction. Prior to DPT, Margarida grew up in Portugal as the youngest and only daughter of a vibrant family. A love for surfing and the outdoors led her to New Zealand at 21, where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Since a young age, Margarida has volunteered in different countries, where she learned the values of compassion and equality. Her experiences have inspired a passion for physical therapy, and today she carries those principles to her holistic approach to care. Before joining Two Trees PT, Margarida completed her final clinical internship at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital where she developed a great interest in working with a diverse group of patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, and geriatrics. At two trees, she hopes to continue evolving as a PT and to cultivate accessible and quality care for the community.

Margarida now lives in Ventura with her husband, and in their free time they enjoy surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, practicing yoga, and enjoying beautiful California.